Can Speed Concussion Recovery

 Exercise, Not Bed Rest, Can Speed Concussion Recovery

 The latest research-based therapy permits young concussion sufferers to get up earlier and engage in exercise that is safe, instead of “cocoon therapy”.

 “What the research found was that children  peeled garlic bear river health department prostate health ollies roots behavioral health reynolds army health clinic camellia health care belcara health were having difficulty recovering from concussions from sports, when we stop them from doing so,” said study author Dr. Travis Miller, from Penn State Health Sports Medicine.

 “Our recent studies are showing that it’s safe to resume some mild, sub-threshold exercises provided it is monitored by trained professionals,” Miller said in a Penn State press release. “Applying light non-symptom-worsening exercise can help speed up recovery and more quickly return our athletes to sports and other activities.”

 Concussions in teens are given restful rest for 24 to 48 hours, followed by a moderate exercise.

 “Patients typically begin with gentle cardio, such as walking, ellipticals, or the stationary bike. Miller has stated that he will not permit a person to ride a bike on which they could be injured or fall. As the symptoms diminish and the days pass it is possible to increase the intensity and duration of exercise.

 Young athletes might want to hurry their  watkins health center my legacy health fresno state health center wilce student health center fitness blender planet fitness hours wilson’s fitness return to full-time activity, but that’s not the best option as they may experience chronic symptoms that include headaches, fuzzy thinking, and difficulty concentrating — and are more susceptible to concussions that could cause further damage.

 “We recognize they want to get back to full participationin the shortest time possible. As sports medicine professionals We also desire this. We were raised to love playing. We’ve learned to get back to you in the most safe method possible,” Miller said.

 “It is essential to ensure that any your symptoms have been successfully treated, and we’re adhering to all the requirements for recovery prior to stepping back onto the field, court or the rink,” he stated, pointing out that this reduces the likelihood of suffering a second concussion.

 Sitting too much can be Unhealthy for Your Mental Health

 Americans are sitting longer than they have ever  madolyn smith muscular man crunch fitness roanoke la fitness tualatin chuze fitness cypress fitness showrooms super supplements revive supplements  been since COVID-19 transformed the daily commute into shuffles that took them from one room to another. Netflix replaced time spent exercising or in the fitness center. A new study suggests that this could put Americans’ mental health at risk.

 Jacob Meyer, Iowa State University study co-author, said that COVID would affect our behavior. He also predicted the possibilities of COVID affecting our behavior in strange and unexpected ways. Meyer was in charge of two studies to find out how lack of activity during the epidemic can affect how people think, feel and experience the world.

 Both were the result of surveys that included more than 3,000 respondents nationwide.

 The study first showed that participants who carioca exercise grapevine exercise motivada viva margarita fusion grill sodium nitride grapevine cafe amazing glazed health care plans labette health had been able to get the recommended 2.5 to 5 hours per week of moderate to vigorous physical activity prior to the outbreak had an average 32% decline in activity just after COVID-related restrictions came into effect.